Bin Collection


On-demand bin clearance in London

and Outer London areas (TW, KT, SM, BR, and DA)


Choose your date and time for the collection.

Same-day collections are often available.


Booking in 3 Simple Steps

1. Select the size and
amount of bins
2. Choose pickup date
and time
3. Enter the info
and confirm

Choose size
120LUp to 50kg
from £21.00*
240LUp to 70kg
from £25.00*
360LUp to 90kg
from £30.00*
1100LUp to 200kg
from £30.00*
Choose date
Free Time Slots
2h Slots £25.00 + VAT
Select multiply files with Ctrl*
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Loose Waste around the bin?
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*All prices are exc.VAT.
Please note that waste must be inside the bins and not loose on the ground. For excess waste, there will be an additional fee.  
We collect
mixed recycling waste as well as non-mixed recycling waste.
Content types: General Waste, Dry Mixed Recycling, Bagged food waste, Paper, Cardboard, and Glass waste.

For bin collection we use vans instead of lorries, so you won’t even notice our presence.


We provide On-demand / One-off collection or Recurring Waste Removal Services

Do you have an overflowing wheelie bin? Maybe you forgot to put your bin out, or you’ve had guests around and now the bin is full. If you’ve had enough of piling up of uncollected household waste, or commercial business waste, you should consider our one-time, Adhoc, wheelie bin collection service. We will take care of your waste bin disposal at a fixed rate and at a time that is convenient for you. 

Do you require a recurring and scheduled bin or bag service? Regular collections are discounted. Please contact us for arrangement. 

If there is excess waste around the bins an additional service fee will be applied – £25 exc.VAT per cubic yard or 100kg.