Builders Rubbish Removal.

Building site rubbish removal in London is often quite tricky because lots of roads do not allow to have skips outside. This is especially the case if you need them for the time a major project needs. Booking some regular building site clean-up visits from companies like Top Waste is something that is a proven to be a successful skip hire alternative. Removing your building rubbish on a frequent basis will mean that your project will run much more smoothly as struggling with a pile of rubbish and doing work can be difficult. Professional builders can take advantage of the services of Top Waste by liaising with us at the beginning of the project so we can arrange a site clearance schedule. This will ensure that the site will be neat and tidy. Look at it as a great piece of PR; nothing looks as inefficient as rubbish and nothing is as tempting to a prospective buyer as an immaculate site with no piles of unsightly rubble and mess. Regular building site clean-up can be worth its weight in gold by making money with additional work. In many parts of London, a skip hire alternative is essential and not just because it can save a lot of money. Getting permission for a skip on the street can be hard and sometimes can take a while. Save time, money and spare yourself the trouble by arranging a building site clearance schedule. clearance of building rubbish on a regular schedule. A builder needs to build, not spend all their time moving rubbish! Call us today to find out how we can help you with clearing your London building site. Check our Pricing Table.

DIY Waste Collection & Disposal.

Refurbishment rubbish removal is one of Top Waste’s specialties. When they have loaded the rubbish, our teams sweep up behind themselves leaving you to get on with your work. We carry out DIY waste removal and building rubbish removal so it doesn’t matter if you just have a lot of old paint tins and cracked tiles or piles of brick and rubble – we will take it away and dispose of it responsibly. When you are doing a DIY project you can sometimes get a bit bogged down in the rubbish that the project creates. Wallpaper whilst still on the wall doesn’t take up any room of course, but once it is scraped off you have an almost unbelievable amount of rubbish to get rid of. When your project is all done and dusted, the next thing to do is to call us for your refurbishment rubbish removal. You can’t really enjoy all your work until your post-DIY rubbish has been taken away. You can take the opportunity to get rid of all kinds of other rubbish around the house at the same time – most people, for example, have got some garden rubbish that they would be happier without, including old pots, bricks and paving slabs. Building rubbish removal is the last step in making your house look fabulous. Some waste removal companies charge extra for parking and the Congestion Charge and as we are London based these charges can add up – except for the important fact that Top Waste don’t charge extra for Congestion Zone or parking! This can make a very substantial saving – so if you are comparing quotes make sure you bear this in mind. DIY waste removal is something you certainly don’t want to have to do yourself – after all your hard work, you should make sure you leave it all to us! Call us today to get a no-obligation quote or check our Pricing Table here.

Bathroom Refurbishment  Rubbish Removal & Disposal.

Bathroom refurbishment is probably one of the most rubbish-creating projects that any householder can undertake. The bath alone is a huge piece of kit that has to be disposed of and this can be very daunting. Top Waste can arrange bathroom remodelling disposal in London so that you don’t end up climbing over discarded bathroom fittings for months. To minimise domestic upheaval, arrange your bath removal or shower unit removal as soon as you have a schedule for your project. If you are using a bathroom refurbishment firm they sometimes offer to remove the rubbish from your project but be careful to read the small print because you might end up with it hanging around for ages so unless they promise to take it away on the day it is removed, come to Phoenix Waste. Bathroom remodelling disposal when undertaken by us will be good for the environment too as we are fully licensed by the Environment Agency because we follow strict recycling principles. Bathroom refurbishment creates a very wide mixture of rubbish, from large items such as baths to small rubble created from broken tiles and possible smashed toilets or basins. Some bath removal will result in some really interesting ‘new lives’ for the baths because they are really popular as garden accessories, for example ponds. If you don’t have room for using your old bath this way yourself, use our bath removal service. Bathroom refurbishment is not just about ripping out old fitments and replacing with like for like. Fitting a wet room, for example, means clearing the room completely, right down to the brick. So bathroom remodelling disposal London may mean plaster debris and even floorboards – Top Waste will take away anything, so if this describes your project, don’t worry, we will still take your rubbish away. Check our Pricing Table here

Kitchen Refurbishment Rubbish Removal & Disposal.

A new kitchen is such a great way to increase the value of your home but lots of people put it off because they just can’t handle the thought of all the rubbish that will need getting rid of. Kitchen ripout waste is a mixture of materials and isn’t easy for you to cope with by yourself – even if you have room in your car, the pieces are big and unwieldy. It is far better to leave the kitchen remodelling removal to the experts – us. A new kitchen is a very exciting project for any homeowner or property developer but it can make a huge pile of rubbish of all kinds; from rubble to piping, to electrical equipment, to tiles and everything else. The best way to deal with it is to call in the experts and Top Waste are just the experts you need for your kitchen rubbish removal in London. When you are undertaking any kitchen remodelling, removal of the rubbish is a really important part of your project management so you will be glad to hear that we don’t add any extra fees for things like parking or Congestion Charge. The kitchen rip-out waste that we remove will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and we are experts with sevral years of experience in disposing safely any electrical equipment. And yes, we don’t charge extra for the disposal of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Almost everything in a kitchen refurbishment can be recycled and Top Waste are experts at making sure everything is disposed of properly. We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and we know how important it is to protect the planet. For kitchen rubbish removal in London that won’t cost the earth, call us! Check our Pricing Table.

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