TopWaste. Terms &Conditions

TopWaste. Terms &Conditions

  1. For the terms and conditions below, Recycling ABC Waste Management Limited . is referred to as “we” or “us”.

2. All contracts are subject to our terms and conditions.

3. TopWaste. staff have the right to work in safe conditions and may stop work should they feel conditions endanger themselves, the public or customers.

4. Price per job will be calculated based on volume, weight and time to do a job.

5. If one of three ( Volume, weight, time ) criteria maximum is reached then price will be adjusted depending on how much more volume, weight or time it will be.

6. Every price slot includes volume maximum, weight maximum and loading time allowance. If one of three allowances will reach maximum as per certain price slot then TopWaste team will notify client and will adjust price slot.

7. Estimates or Quotes given over the telephone, email or WhatsApp are not guaranteed until a TopWaste. staff member views the waste on-site. If any of the waste is not visible, we can only approximate the amount, and therefore the price.

8. All non-account customers will be required to make payment on the day of waste removal and collection.

9. On collection of your waste we retain the right to charge you for the specific amount of refuse collected. TopWaste. staff will always do the best they can to provide precise estimates. It is usually the case that contact will be made after inspecting the waste to inform the customer of the specific amount and therefore the price. If contact cannot be made swiftly, we retain the right to charge for the specific amount collected, plus any additional time or disposal costs incurred.

10. All waste collected by us continues to be the property of the customer until payment has been made to TopWaste. As waste has a high disposal cost, if a customer refuses to make payment, and/or should the waste already have been disposed of or recycled by TopWaste., we retain the right to return the same volume or weight of waste as has been collected.

11. Late payment may incur extra costs made to recover said payment. Topwaste . retains the right to apply interest on balances owed, at a rate of 2% per month.

12. Although uncommon, we sometimes find that items are too big or heavy to be collected by one of our two-man teams. On such occasions we will re-book if we can’t get another two-man team on-site swiftly.

13. Collections requiring more than one load are conducted on a load-by-load basis and we retain the right to stop collections at any point and charge for the amount of waste gathered so far.

.14. If any of our teams discover or suspect asbestos is present, they are required to exit the site immediately in line with HSE guidelines. Hazardous or toxic substances, needles etc. may also result in immediate exit of a site or premises.

15. Asbestos

We are entitled to ask to view the site-specific asbestos register prior to any collection work commencing on a customer site where builders’ or renovation waste is present.

The location and condition of any asbestos should be detailed within the asbestos register. If during collection we see any fibrous material or something we suspect may be asbestos, we retain the right to:

– Cease work immediately

– Stop any fibres or dust being released by power tools, for example, or reduce air movement on-site

– Evacuate the immediate premises and stop access by others people e.g. staff, customers or the public

– Notify those accountable for the area and/or the Health and Safety Co-ordinator, in order for essential sampling to be conducted

– Not to return to the premises until reliably informed that it is safe to do so

16. Multiple-load collections

As an alternative to a skip, we retain the right to apply charges for the amount of waste we have collected, as well as any additional time or safe disposal costs e.g. for TVs, fridges, monitors etc. All multiple-load collections are chargeable on a load-by-load basis. Any quotes provided via telephone or email are considered estimations to aid the client as an indication of possible cost. Some collections are difficult to estimate, and may be less or more expensive than initially estimated.

17. New account customers

New account customers’ balances will be due on receipt until or unless a credit limit is provided by TopWaste. Once previous payments are seen to have been prompt, we may offer 30-day payments up to a specific amount.



  1. Customer has the right to cancel booking at any time and cancelation request must be sent via email to [email protected]
  2. If booking is canceled 24 hours or earlier prior to booking time then there will not be cancelation charge.
  3. If booking is canceled later than 24 hours before booking time then £45 + Vat cancelation charge will apply.
  4. Any queries regarding amounts charged customer has to submit in writing via email to [email protected]
  5. As we charge customer after booked job is done and customer has confirmed that he/she is satisfied there for made payments are non refundable.

TopWaste. Privacy Policy is a common user website, to be used by people of all age groups. The personal information of all users may be gathered, facilitated and disseminated as detailed in this Privacy Policy.

Gathering of Personal Information

Topwaste gathers personal data, for example your name, e-mail address, home or work details or telephone number/s. Data gathered by TopWaste is used only for the reason of replying to enquiries; registration and billing. Topwaste will not gather any data regarding your computer software or hardware.

Use of your Personal Information

TopWaste gathers and makes use of your personal data to process enquiries. It may be the case that Topwaste also uses your personal data to notify you about other products and/or services offered by Topwaste and its affiliates. TopWaste may contact you regarding research surveys to ask your opinion of present services or possible new services that may become available in the future.

It is important to know that TopWaste does not sell or lease its customer details to third parties. TopWaste may on occasion get in touch with you on the behalf of chosen business partners about a specific offer that could be of interest and benefit to you. In such circumstances, your personal data (e-mail and/or physical addresses, name, telephone number etc.) will not be given to the third party.

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